what is the start date for the GIIS smart campus?

We welcome all students from Queenstown, Balestier and East Coast joining the present academic session at the new GIIS Smart Campus from July 2, 2018.

How to reach the SMART Campus?

The Campus is easily accessible via MRT/LRT, public buses and the school bus. The SMART Campus is just a 500-meter walk from the Coral Edge LRT station and 2.5 kilometers from Punggol MRT station. It takes approximately 7 minutes to drive from Punggol MRT to the Campus.

SMRT Buses - From Punggol Interchange, students can avail bus numbers 3, 62, 83 and 85 to come to the school campus. More options are also available from the Interchange.

Will there be any shuttle bus facility for the students?

There will be two shuttle services for students between Punggol MRT and the SMART Campus during morning and afternoon hours. Students can avail this facility free of charge. The 40-seater bus can be accessed at the Punggol MRT and will depart at 8:15am and 8:40am in the morning and will depart from the school at 3:45pm and 4:10pm in the afternoon.

How can I get my queries answered?

Please visit schoolofthefuture.sg website for more information. Parents can reach out to a integrated GIIS Singapore Helpdesk via MyGIIS or call +65-6914 7070, and register their request. The GIIS Help desk provides for detailed FAQs and chatbots that will guide the student or parent.

Is the construction of the campus complete?

The construction is complete and all regulatory inspections have taken place during the past weeks. The school has received the TOP permits to commence the school. 


What is the layout of the SMART campus?

The campus is divided into two blocks: Peranakan (P) and Straits (S), reflecting our integration with the local communities. 

The ‘P’ block will house students from Nursery to Grade 7 including those from Queenstown & Balestier campuses.

The ‘S’ block will house students from Grade 7 to 12, for all three curriculums - CBSE, IGCSE and IBDP - also including Queenstown and Balestier. Grade 7 will be spread across both blocks.

Students from other grades who have opted for a transfer, will join their respective sections as indicated on MyGIIS.

3 copy.jpg

Where can I find the Guide Map to locate various facilities?

The campus will have dedicated floor maps on each level. Each level will also have clear signages to indicate the various facilities. 

Each student will receive information on MyGIIS of their section valid from 2nd July, room number of the section. The room numbers will be mentioned as eg. P2-21, where 'P' stands for the Peranakan block, '2' indicates Level 2 and -21 indicates the room number on that floor. Similarly if that classroom number is S6-05, 'S' stands for Straits block, '6' indicates Level 6 and -05 indicates the room number.

Generally speaking, the list below indicates the grades assignment to the floors.


  • P Block Level 2 - KG, Grade 1 and Grade 2 Sections

  • P Block Level 3 - Grade 3 and Grade 4 Sections

  • P Block Level 5 - Grade 5 and Grade 6 Sections

  • S Block Level 4 and P Block Level 4 - Grade 7 Sections

  • S Block Level 5 - Grade 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 CBSE Sections

  • S Block Level 6 - Grade 8, 9, 10 IGCSE Sections and IB Year 1 Sections

  • S Block Level 7 - Grade IB Year 2 Sections



Is there a cycle parking facility inside the school?

The school is making arrangements for students to park their private cycles inside the school campus. Riders can enter through Gate 2 and park the cycles at the 2 designated spots near the U-turn sign.

How many lifts and staircases does the campus have? Are the numbered for easy location?

There are over 9 elevators in the premises (4 in ‘Peranakan’ block and 5 in ‘Straits’ block) available to students.

Besides this, students can take the stairs to access the desired floor.

Staircases are located near the lift landing. 


WHAT ARE THE outdoor sports facilities offered at the new campus. 

The school will offer a soocer field with artificial turf, a cricket field with natural turf, a tennis court, basketball court, cricket pitches and outdoor play area for our students. These facilities are under preparation and shall be ready by end August or earlier. 

GICC students will be able to use all sports facilities on Saturdays.

As part of our continuous efforts for community integration, the school shall offer up the nearby residents the access to the sports facilities, post 7 pm on weekdays and 9 am to 6 pm on Sundays. This access shall be subject to availability of school grounds, provided there are no school events being scheduled during those hours. The nearby residents will get this access at no charge.   

We will continue to support local non profit and charitable associations to use the sports facilities for community integration initiatives. 


Who is the Transport Provider for the SMART Campus and what are the contact details?

M/s Katsumoto TransCorp Pte Ltd has been selected to provide bus services for the new campus.

Parents may contact the Transport Helpdesk at 6914-7088 or transport.sg@globalindianschool.org for further assistance.

is there a parking for visitors.

Visitors travelling by car/taxi can enter through Gate 2 and can avail the paid parking.

which gate is authorised for the parents who are using private vehicles to drop their children?

Parents dropping off their children to school through private cars/private taxis/public taxis should drop them off inside the premises. It is advisable not to stop at the roundabout as this will create a traffic jam. These vehicles can enter through Gate 3 (at the Punggol Field Walk roundabout), and once in the campus, should enter Lane F which is a dedicated lane for student drop-offs.  

Where will the school buses drop off and pick up students?

Traffic experts have designed the entire Level 1 facility for convenient pick-up and drop-off by school buses. All nine lanes in the facility STRICTLY cater to the needs of school buses, with no access options available for private cars or taxis. The entire Level 1 covered parking and the external open parking has the capacity to hold over 200 buses of all sizes, or up to 300 cars. The traffic lanes have open or close indicator lights. The dedicated pedestrian crossings have pedestrian traffic lights. 

For parking and drop-off facility, parents can use Lane F.  

How do the students reach their classrooms after alighting from school bus or private cars?

Students alighting in the bus bay area can avail the nearest escalators to reach Level 2 and Level 3. 

Over 9 elevators are provided for the comfort of students with 4 provided in ‘P’ block and 5 in provided in ‘S’ block.

In addition, over 9 staircases have been provided and the students can access the nearest staircases to reach their respective floors. 

Will the school transport be provided for extra remedial / intensive classes after school hours?

As the practise currently followed, there will be no school buses provided for after school hours activities or lessons, students are encouraged to take the LRT and public transport.

What measures have been taken to ensure the safety of kids in lifts and escalators?  

Younger students below age 10, who wish to use lifts, will have two dedicated lift attendants to escort them to higher floors. Besides this, students can take the stairs to access the desired floor.


 Each staircase has a number and as shown in the image, the staircase number here is 7. The larger digit appearing is the floor level. The signages are special needs friendly and also have floor numbers indicated in braille. All staircases are fire proof. 

PL stands for Passenger Lift. 


How will the young students navigate their way to classrooms? Will there be helpers to guide the students. 

All students are advised to take the nearest staircase after disembarking from the buses. Those who wish to take the lifts are advised to proceed to the respective blocks lift lobbies. 

Two out of the four lifts in the primary block shall be manned by helpers for a safe and smooth. These lifts can be taken by our very young students.

Do parents need a visitor pass to enter the campus?

All parents who are visiting the campus are required to report to the guard house and thereafter proceed via Grand Entrance at the 'S' Block and take the escalator/lift to the Visitors Centre at Level 2.

Can parents visit the classroom for dropping and picking up the kids?

Parents are only allowed to have access to the Visitor's Centre and Gandhi Centre on an unescorted basis. Generally speaking, parents are discouraged to visit any classrooms during the school hours. However, parents who still wish to access the classrooms, are advised to approach the Visitor's Centre. 


The parents can schedule a meeting with the teachers via MyGIIS, and the meetings shall take place at the Visitor's Centre. 

Where can parents MEET UP/pick up the student early in case of ANY emergency?

Parents are advised to approach the Visitor's Centre, and the counsellors shall make an announcement  through the PA system, requesting the student to report to the Visitor's Centre. 

In case the student is sick or unwell, the parents who have come to pick up the child will have to approach the Visitor's Centre, and a counsellor shall contact the Sick Bay to request the child to report to the Visitor's Centre. 

In case the child is very unwell and cannot come to the Visitor's Centre, the Visitor's Centre may request the parent to visit the Infirmary/Sick Bay.

The Infirmary/Sick Bay at 'S' Block is located next to Gandhi Centre at Level 2 and can be approached via the Nest area.
The Infirmary/Sick Bay at 'P' Block is located next to the escalator at Level 2 and can be approached via the Nest area. 



We have provided 2 dedicated access gates for students who wish to take public transport or walk down to the school.

  • Gate 1, which is located at the Punggol Field Walk roundabout, has a 2 lane turnstile gate for quicker entry-exit by students. (View location map)

  • Gate 4, which is located at the Punggol East Flyover bridge side, has a 1 lane turnstile gate for the entry-exit by students.

Students will be required to tap their ID Cards to enter the gates. Initially, the use of ID Cards will not be activated and once the students get the new ID Cards in July, effective 1st August the students will need to tap their ID Cards to open the pedestrian gates.

Students who have difficulty in using their ID cards to open the pedestrian gates, may approach the security personnel at the guard house.

If there is any technical difficulty with the cards, students may approach the students service centre located at Level 2.

Location Map

Location Map

are there ANY specific guidelines for the VEHICULAR TRAFFIC on APPROACHING ROADS TO THE SCHOOL? 

Any jams caused by vehicular traffic near any international school is a matter of serious concern and is monitored closely by the relevant agencies. In our case as well, the LTA and the other relevant agencies are monitoring the vehicular traffic very closely. GIIS has conducted an in-depth traffic impact study and submitted to LTA. Based on this, LTA has given directives for the school and the parents which need to be adhered strictly. 

The Punggol Field Walk road forms a major artery to school’s vehicular traffic, and as per the LTA directive, therefore Punggol Field Walk road is declared as no stopping, no waiting zone. The roads have been marked with double yellow lines and any violation of these rules may result in traffic summons. 

  • Gate 1, is dedicated for students to enter and exit the campus.

  • Gate 2, is dedicated for visitor car parking (TBC - whether taxis/private vehicles will be allowed through this gate)

  • Gate 3, is dedicated for official school buses and has an automated gate which will only allow pre-registered vehicles to enter the campus. (TBC - whether taxis/private vehicles will be allowed through this gate)

As per the school policy, to strengthen the security and safety of the child inside the campus, no private charter school buses of any types shall be granted entry into the school premises and through Gate 3.

What security measures have been taken in the SMART Campus?

The school has implemented a series of initiatives through a combination of CCTV's, access controls, facial recognitions at the entire campus. All these measures result in a very safe and secure environment for the student. All floors have been equipped with access controls with only teachers and students able to enter these floors.

Visitors or members of public or transport service providers are prohibited to have access to any of these floors when the school is in operation.

Visitors will only be allowed to have access to the Visitor's Centre at 'S' Block at Level 2.

When should parents Notify regarding the change of residencE?

We understand that parents may change the residence at any time during the year, we request such parents to immediately update the change of address on MyGIIS. The transport department will require 7 working days to make the changes effective.


Who all will be in the leadership roles for the SMART Campus?

The Campus will be led by a vibrant leadership team comprising of: Ms Melissa Maria and Rekha Varghese.

Melissa Maria Principal, Grade 7-12   Ms Melissa Maria will be the Principal/Head of School for the 'S' block and will be responsible for IB, IGCSE, CBSE academic operations of Grades 6-12.

Melissa Maria
Principal, Grade 7-12

Ms Melissa Maria will be the Principal/Head of School for the 'S' block and will be responsible for IB, IGCSE, CBSE academic operations of Grades 6-12.

Rekha Varghese Vice Principal, KG and Grade 1-6   Ms Rekha Varghese will be the Vice Principal for the 'P' block and will be responsible for academic operations of Grades KG-6.

Rekha Varghese
Vice Principal, KG and Grade 1-6

Ms Rekha Varghese will be the Vice Principal for the 'P' block and will be responsible for academic operations of Grades KG-6.

WHAT FACILITIES ARE AVAILABLE to students FOR THE ECA/CCA ACTIVITIEs and where are they located?

There are several comprehensive ECA/CCA facilities provided across the two blocks and available to all students. The list below outlines the various facilities, their floor location, which block they are based and a room number. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 2.37.54 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 2.37.57 PM.png



The library will be open to all students during school hours and shall be closed after school hours.

Yes, the library shall have a Smart book drop facility by Dec 2018.



The labs are spacious, modern and very elegantly designed for students ease of use and comfort. It is designed to maximise the number of student who can us the labs. The labs have dedicated discussion rooms for the students and teachers, preparatory rooms and research corners.

There are dedicated labs for the CBSE and International Curriculums.

The CBSE  students have access to a physics lab, and a dedicated chemistry and bio lab and a composite lab.

The International students (IB and IGCSE) have dedicated chemistry and Bio lab each, and a common Physics lab. 

Each block has a dedicated Composite Lab to be used by Upper Primary and. Middle School students.


The school shall offer IB, IGCSE, CBSE and Global Montessori Plus curriculums and offer enrolment for grades from KG to Grade 12. 

Will the STUDENTS CONTINUE IN the same section in THE new campus?

Majority of the students will continue in the same section as at the beginning of the academic year. However, with the incoming students from East Coast , some sections may undergo a name change and a small minority of students may have their sections reassigned.

Will the teachers continue to be in-charge of their respective SECTIONS?

Majority of teachers will continue to lead their respective sections .However, a small minority of teachers may be re assigned to new sections.




During school operations on weekdays, the cafeteria will be out of bounds to any parents or visitors. 

However on Saturdays or when parents are attending the school events, they are allowed to access the cafeterias located at Level 2, 3 and 4.

Will GICC classes be held on Saturdays at the new campus?

Yes, the GICC classes will continue at the new campus and a list of courses is attached below. For mor details click on GICC website

(ADD content/LIST HERE)  and update- confim with Sarita

SMART Campus has dedicated studios and GICC will continue in bettering our infrastructure. Parents and students will be informed.


To access MyGIIS, students and parents of the new campus need to select 'PG-SMART Campus' and login with their previous login ID and password. 

when will the students receive their SMART id Card? 

The students shall receive their  SMART ID cards after they resume classes at the new campus. For any issues with the Smart ID cards or registration of biometric/facial recognition, students are advised to approach the Student Service Centre at the 'S' block, Level 2 next to the Gandhi Centre. 


The new Student Service Centre (SSC) is a one stop centre to assist all students on all matters including the technical matters. The centre is located at the 'S' block, Level 2 next to the Gandhi Centre.

For any issues with the Smart ID cards or registration of biometric/facial recognition, problems in accessing wi-fi or any other tech support issues, students are advised to approach the Student Service Centre (SSC).  

what are the guidelines for marking attendance using facial recognition?

Previously, the student attendance was marked only at the beginning of the first period. With facial recognition, students are required to mark their attendance before beginning of classes and in addition they are required to mark attendance every time they visit a studio.



Will there be changes to the school calendar?

The school calendar will continue to be the same as announced at the beginning of the academic year.



Yes there are likely to be some minor changes in the timetable and students are advised to check the online timetables on MyGIIS. 

Should the students carry all the books and notebooks on the very first day?

Yes, it will be business as usual and all classes will follow the applicable timetables. Students will be required to carry all books and notebook in accordance with the timetable. 

are the Peranakan and straits block interconnected?

The 'P' and 'S' blocks are connected at Level 1,2,3,4 and 5. The access on Level 2 is through the Nest area. The access on Level 3 is through the cafeteria. The access on Level 4 is through the cafeteria and friendship bridge and the access on Level 5 is through the playground.

All the interconnected paths are provided with biometric access controls and during school hours these paths will be open to all students so they have free access. After school hours, all the biometric controls at the interconnected paths will be activated and students and teachers who wish to open these gates have to use their SMART ID cards to open these access.

are there any plans to introduce international curriculum for primary and middle schools?

what is the purpose of student group rooms (SGR)? how many are there and how does a student reserve these?

The Student Group Rooms (SGRs)  are collaborative spaces for students and teachers. They are designed to accommodate small groups of 4 to 6 students, who can use these spaces for working on their assignments/project works. At times the SGRs will also be used by teachers to discuss projects with students.

The SGRs come with a large display to share the outputs of laptop and a booking room system is available to the students to make their bookings for the rooms. The booking schedules will also be viewed on a small display screen outside the SGRs.

what are they facilities useable by the students at the SMART Campus?

There are several Smart facilities which have been offered for students. These include:
1. Smart ID card using RFID
2. G Campus Wallet
3. Facial Recognition for Student Attendance and Access Control  
4. Campus Wireless
5. In-class SOB power extensions
6. Restroom Feedback System  
7. Whiteboard Apps on Classroom Smart Touch TV
8. BYOD for wireless presentation  
9. Reading Stations@Gandhi Centre
10. Library kiosks and Smart drop bins  
11. SGR Meeting Rooms with web-based reservations
12. Seminar Rooms with video conferencing  
13. Smart Basketball using SPEDAS technology
14. G TV studio
15. G Radio studio
16. Official Student iPad with class-based charging and storage
17. Personal notebook limitations (TBC) 
18. Document printing on dedicated network printer using G Campus Wallet  
19. Turnstile gates with Smart ID for Entry and Exit  
20. Student-operated Control Room at MPH
21. Food Collection kiosk (TBC)
22. In-class student presentations


Will there be anyone to receive my child if he/she reaches the school early?

The bus attendants shall take all KG students to a specific arrival zone designated for KG students. An assistant teacher shall be located here who will take these students to their respective classrooms.  

is there any assistance to students who cannot located the classroom?  

If a student is unable to locate his/her classroom, they can refer to the floor maps which have been provided at each lift lobby and staircase entrance.    

GIIS SMART Campus ensures that its facilities provide adequate safety and security, in every possible way, to the students and staff in their care. More than 600 CCTV cameras, deployed across the campus, will monitor in-campus movements round the clock through technology using artificial intelligence programmed to deliver instant communication in the event of security concerns.


is there any change in telephone numbers or contact details for the SMART Campus?

All the existing telephone numbers for all departments and individuals will continue to remain the same. For any queries on admissions or fee-related matters, please contact admissions.sg@globalindianschool.org or call us at 6914-7000. For your convenience, a detailed contact list can be viewed here


will the school be providing ipads to students and is there any charge for them?

The school has made arrangements with Apple Inc to procure the iPads at a discounted rate, and includes a very comprehensive technical support and replacement policy.  Apple, through enterprise solutions, enables the school to manage all the devices and distribution of Apps remotely.  This further helps in security and ensuring safe use of devices. 

All the students are required to have a school provided iPad and parents have to pay a refundable deposit for use of the iPad.  The deposit is linked to returning the iPad to the school and shall be refunded at any time the student wishes to relocate to another school.

Parents are requested to download a consent form from here (url) and send a signed copy by 15th July (TBC) to the class teacher.  After receiving the consent form, the school shall send an e-invoice to the parent  and the deposit amount shall be processed via GIRO standing instructions to the school . The e-invoice shall indicate the date of GIRO deduction.

For the sake of clarity, the school does not charge any fee for providing the iPad or using the iPad. It is only charging a deposit to secure the device. 

will the students be allowed to carry the iPads home?   

Students of Grade 7-12 All students with the exception of Grade 1-6  will be allowed to carry the iPads home everyday. And the students of Grade 1-6  would be able to carry iPad home on Friday to use over the weekend. They are required to get it back to the classroom on Monday.

Does the school provide for any charging facilities?

The school has provided for in-class secure iPad charging cabinets for all grades, which can charge up to 40 iPads at a time. 

If the ipad device is faulty or is damaged, how will the student get it repaired?

The Student Service Centre (SSC) shall deal with all the student iPad issues including dealing with fault or damages. The school has signed a comprehensive Apple Care* programme in which Apple provides NO QUESTIONS AKSED  replacement for any such faulty devices.  Upon receiving such faulty devices, the SSC shall give a replacement device to the student from its existing available stock. If there is no ready available stock, then it will provide a replacements as soon as Apple Inc sends a replacements. 

*Apple Care is subject to terms and conditions of Apple Inc. 

is there any policy on which students would use iPads and who should use Macbooks?

Can the student bring their own personal iPad and use in the classroom?


The school IT policy prohibits a student from using personal devices such as iPads and laptops in the school. This is to keep the entire school environment free of viruses and to allow easy managements of devices and applications. This IT policy applies to any devices which are to be connected to the school's wi-fi network and includes all forms of tablets and tabloids. The school has provide a 90-day window for all students to procure the school-provided iPads and Macbooks. 

Is the student able to request the teacher to download Apps being used in classroom?

does Apple care provide replacements for lost ipads? 

In the event any iPad is. lost or. stolen, the deposit paid towards the device shall be forfeited. To receive the next official school-managed iPad, parents are required to sign a new consent form and submit it together with a deposit cheque.  After this, the school shall  raise the e-invoice and receipt for the deposit.