Green & Sustainable

Situated in Punggol, known for its green preserves, Lorong Halus wetland and its extensive Green initiatives, 
the GIIS SMART campus is a blend between lush, green surroundings and 21st century architecture.



Nest Concept

Calling on the work of architects from New York to Japan, the facility is built around an innovative “Nest” concept. Just as birds are nurtured in nests before venturing out into the world on their own, the students at the GIIS SMART campus will be gently nurtured in a surrounding inspired by Mother Nature.


Ample sunlight and ventilation

The GIIS SMART campus structure is designed to make ample use of natural sunlight and big glass curtains have been provided in the classrooms to allow natural light in. The large corridors, too, have natural light coming through tall glass curtains.

The design takes into account the flow of breeze and fresh air into open areas where students can conduct outdoor activities.  The campus aims for certifications like BCA Green Mark Gold

Green & Sustainable by design.jpg

Green Materials from Japan

Green runs through the DNA of the GIIS SMART campus. The facade is made from a mixture of terracotta, fixed glass and reinforced cement concrete walls which gives the building a unique, elegant look. The main canopy which covers the Nest area is made from unique material imported from Japan called ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) which has high corrosion resistance and strength to withstand wider temperature range.

The transparency of the patterned material also gives the Nest area enough natural sunlight, shade and well-lit spaces. The landscaped play area, replete with a garden and a water fountain, has the look and feel of being surrounded by nature within the campus. 

Conserving Water

Water management is a big element in the Green design of GIIS SMART campus, which ensures that every drop of this precious commodity is carefully utilised, and waste is reduced. The campus uses 4 sources of water for its needs: Rainwater, NeWater, Industrial water and regular drinking water.


A smaller carbon footprint is the ultimate aim of the Green campus. We have an ingenious building management system which centrally controls the lights, air-conditioners, ventilation system and water management of the entire campus, and which is designed to automatically shut down if not in use. Motion sensors present across the SMART campus ensure that lights in the corridors and toilet clusters turn on only when they detect presence of human beings. At all other times, they remain dim or turned off - which saves huge amount of energy. Solar panels are also installed around the campus to generate renewable and reusable energy for everyday use. 


Rainwater harvesting is deployed on a very large scale, with huge water retention tanks placed 5 meters below the car parking area to store most of the rainwater collected around the campus. This is then reused to provide water to our green landscape, our water fountains etc.

NEWater, Singapore’s unique processed water, is supplied to specific, common utility areas within the campus for functions such as cleaning etc.


Storage is also provided for industrial water which can be used by Civil Defence forces for tackling untoward incidents like fire.

Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you
— Frank Lloyd Wright