Be it academics or extracurricular activities, improvements in technology has made it possible to track students’ performance and improve their learning outcomes. 
Our GIIS SMART Campus is one place where students will be assisted by technology to improve their learning outcomes, especially in sports.

Our Sports Analytics feature will capture their on-field performance through digital technology and provide analytics to improve it further. 

NBA STandards analytics

Ours is one of the first schools in the world to offer SPEDAS, or Sports Performance Enhancing Data Analytics System, which is a NextGen system applicable for sports like Basketball. This is currently being deployed by world-class teams like LA Lakers and others to enhance their team performances. This kind of NBA-level standards have now been implemented in an international school for the first time. 

Digitally Mapping players

SPEDAS helps map players and ball movement during a basketball game with fine precision and accuracy. The system maps players movement as well as collects and stores data, which is later deployed through its analytics engine to study player performance in detail. The system identifies a player’s strength and weakness, and points out his/her performance areas and strategy formation skills. The whole thing is similar to a soccer game played on Playstation or Wii, where players are digitally mapped and their movements tracked. 

Games History and competitive advantage

Under the SPEDAS system in the GIIS SMART campus, students will wear trackers/tags during games which will be precisely located by tracking devices to collect data like individual performances, mapping of the sports field and game statistics during intra-school competitions.

Technology will assist in analysing the data at the end of the game for the benefit of the team and individual players. In future, this technological reach will be extended to record outdoor and indoor games like football and basketball. The SPEDAS system also allows storage of the game in a digital format, which can be replayed on demand. It also allows management of entire competitions or league games.