GIIS SMART campus is a 21st century learning space borne out of a deep engagement between leading architects from USA, Japan, Australia and Singapore, as well as inputs from over 100 GIIS teachers - who pooled their educational experience of over 2000 man-years to give valuable inputs to build this customized campus.

Over a period of one year, the team held extensive discussions on a student-centric campus structure. The result was a merger of elegant design ideas with best practices within the industry to produce great benefits for student pedagogy. Traditional learning approaches find a careful balance with technology-assisted methods, teaching and learning is not confined to classroom walls or limited to student-teacher relationship, and it is recognised that student interactions contribute a lot to the entire learning process.  

Throughout this exercise, the focus of GIIS has remained around its 9GEMS™ Model of  pedagogy, true to its commitment to provide a holistic education to its students.