NextGen is when a new phase begins. NextGen is when a new way of doing things emerge. NextGen is when a fresh outlook brings fresh ideas and fresh hopes.

Our GIIS SMART Campus is the definition of this Next Generation of learning for the 21st century where classrooms never will be the same again.


Virtual classrooms 

Imagine a universe where one click of a button will connect a student to any classroom in any part of the world where knowledge is being imparted.

It’s possible and it's in our GIIS SMART Campus!

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Digital Classroom

What will classrooms look like in the school of the future? Will they be ultra-modern spaces? Will they have more than adequate facilities?

Will they have latest teaching and learning tools? The answer is: Yes, Yes and Yes! Just take a look at the digital classrooms at our GIIS SMART Campus!

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Acoustically enhanced Classroom

A teacher is an equal participant in the education process and deserves equal attention when it comes to classroom facilities. At our GIIS SMART Campus, acoustically enhanced classrooms will make sure a teacher’s job is made easier. 

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Technology-driven environment in SMART Campus will enrich students and prepare them for a promising future.
— MR rajeev katyal - deputy coo and country director singapore
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GIIS - Green & Sustainable by design

A sustainable design is at the very foundation of GIIS SMART Campus, as we attempted to have the lowest carbon footprint. From using environment friendly materials from Japan to installing energy saving technology, from using renewable energy to conserving water, every aspect of green and sustainability is put into action at this campus, which is BCA Greenmark certified. 

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Sports Performance Enhancing Data Analytics System (SPEDAS)

Ever heard of an NBA-level technology being used in a school-level sports field? It’s eyebrow raising, but it’s true. Our GIIS SMART Campus will be the one place to use digital data to help hone and polish students’ sporting skills, like professional sporting clubs do, in an attempt to encourage and polish their sporting talents.

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Global Centre for Innovation

A student-centred pedagogy expects futuristic and inspirational spaces that will provide learners with a platform to innovate and experiment. Our centre for Innovation at GIIS SMART Campus is a breeding ground for developing and polishing such skills.

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Global Centre for EntrepreneurshiP

A student-centred pedagogy not only expects but also demands futuristic and inspirational spaces that will provide learners with a platform to innovate and experiment. Our centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at GIIS SMART Campus are breeding grounds for developing and polishing such skills, and then some more!

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Centre for Robotics & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is constantly pushing the boundaries of what machines are capable of performing and it is the most exciting field in robotics. AI is no longer an experiment confined to the laboratory it is in fact  permeating our everyday lives in a big way.

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Safety and Security of students

From the moment they enter the campus to the time they leave for home, every student at GIIS SMART Campus is cocooned in a secure zone to ensure their safety. Multiple measures have been put in place with the help of latest technology to make the SMART campus a safe house for its most valuable assets: the students.

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A school of the future keeps students at the heart of its design philosophy, and requires careful and thoughtful re-design of all aspects of the campus. One such is to create a secure student identification method that is progressive and fool-proof. 

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Digital Access & Digital Transactions

Technology is now incorporated into all aspects of every industry, with the education sector getting on-board as well.

Our GIIS SMART Campus is in the forefront of using SMART cards to ensure student safety is given utmost importance. 

Learn more: Digital Access and Transactions

Robots for assisting teachers

GIIS SMART Campus will see Robots in its campus carrying out administrative tasks. This will reduce the teachers time on mundane tasks and help focus on student learning.

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