In the 21st century where learning is not confined to the four walls of a classroom, our SMART Campus is ready with a unique solution: Virtual Classrooms 

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flexibility like never before

Every GIIS classroom is a learning space which expands a student's learning environment beyond physical classrooms and the campus. Students get selective access to virtual connectivity apparatus like Smart boards and wifi systems, to collaborate with classrooms around the campus and the world, and conduct learning activities. This system is helpful to students who wish to attend lectures from their current locations outside the classrooms. Teachers, too, will be able to monitor classroom activity remotely.

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redefining virtual education 

Virtual Classrooms will facilitate student access to leading educators and lecturers from other parts of the world, or to engage in collaborative and engaging learning from peers from all around the world. Recording facilities in the virtual classroom will allow lectures to be recorded for the benefit of students, who can reuse them during exam time to brush up on their studies.