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Success in management requires learning as fast as the world is changing
— Warren Bennis
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Designed by some of the best professional minds in the world, and crafted after meaningful contributions from our own teachers, GIIS SMART Campus is a ‘Nest’ where students will be nurtured and groomed from a fledgling to a feathered state, through collaborative learning and by using state-of-the-art features. Students will be the central focus of our pedagogy, encouraged to learn science, art and language through newer, personal and meaningful experiences. 


learning campus for 21st century

A 21st century education makes students flexible, adaptive and creative. Student learning is more self directed and collaborative and teachers take note of individual strengths of each child.  

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Students are at the heart of design

Student requirement forms the core of the design inputs that has gone on to create the GIIS SMART campus. Experienced teachers shared what would enhance the student learning experience, all this and more have gone on to making the GIIS SMART campus.

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State of the Art Engineering

Experts say school building and design have a huge impact on the student learning experience. Gaining access to world class infrastructure and learning environments elevates the learning journey.

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Small Learning Communities (SLC)

A well-received and critically-acclaimed concept in pedagogy wherein interdisciplinary team of teachers take the responsibility of educational progress of fewer students through flexible methodologies of teaching.

The aim is to teach students self-determination, and give them a sense of identity through personalised interaction among teachers and students, where the educators lay special emphasis on the strengths of the learners to mould them into fine, wholesome individuals. 

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Learning Commons for collaboration

It is imperative that student engagement is increased to improve their individual achievements. This is the philosophy behind Learning Commons, where education involves integrating technology with personal learning requirements through innovative design and assessment. 

The school provides teachers and students, a space to sit together in a conducive environment - known as Learning Commons - where they can interact and participate. GIIS SMART Campus, provides dedicated spaces, to help our students learn better and grow. 

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Student lounge

Group, Mingle, Learn! A personal space for students to interact and collaborate, and if necessary, take a break and relax!

A 2003 study found that the existence of a well-maintained student lounge was a marker of high success rates among students. It was voted as an excellent choice for unregulated environment where students can have a place to study together, tutor other students, interact socially and provides a great place for informal chats between faculty and student community. 

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Student Group Rooms

Let’s huddle and brainstorm! That is the essence of our Student Group Rooms in the SMART Campus. It is a space where students can have interactive discussions on their subjects and in their lingo.

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Student Service Centre (SSC)

Have a question on student-centric issues? Our service centre dedicated to solving these issues is available at all times. 

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accessibility for disabled persons

Being a disabled-friendly campus is our way of integrating all sections of the society into the mainstream. 

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Impressed with the new learning methods in SMART Campus, Mr Rajiv is confident that learning methodologies such as collaborative learning with peers from around the world will equip his daughter with the right knowledge and skills to excel in the future.
— Mr Rajiv Singh Sawhney - Daughter Sarah is studying in Class 10

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