Enhancing Learning with a SMART GIIS Campus

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Enter the world of a SMART GIIS Campus - where student-centred pedagogy meets a digitally powered learning environment to create a whole new education experience. Here, latest teaching tools will make learning a fun and interactive affair for the students to help achieve higher educational outcomes


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is where three-dimensional learning tools will combine imagination and curiosity in an interactive classroom to produce students who excel in what they do.

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Cashless Payment

Cashless, Quick and Carefree. This is how payments are done at the GIIS SMART Campus, easing the process for availing many big and small services, and eliminating the fear of missing deadlines, or the embarrassment of running out of cash.

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internet of things

Interaction provides communication which eases the way tasks are accomplished. At GIIS SMART Campus, our devices speak to each other to work toward a larger goal of saving precious energy. 

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Mobile HotdeskinG

At SMART Campus, closed cubicles with boxed-in ambience give way to flexible and open areas, that are bound to improve communications and build better interpersonal relationships within the student and teaching communities.

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Digital Lockers

Carrying big school bags or heavy musical/sports gear will not be a chore for students at the GIIS SMART Campus, as secure storage facilities will take care of the bulky items when they are not in use.

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SMART Restrooms with FeedbacK

Hygiene takes a top spot in the GIIS SMART Campus ecosystem with uniquely designed toilet facilities using smart technology to ensure a disease and odour free environment for users.

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Digital wayfinding & Traffic Management

GIIS SMART Campus is a sprawling premise spread over 3,000 hectares of land. The in-campus transportation system, has dedicated arrival and departure areas for school buses to be accessed by students and teachers.

The entire ecosystem will be managed using technology like digital screens and smartphone apps.

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Digital Experience for parents

Parents are equal stakeholders in the academic life of their children. In today's day and age, this participation also includes at the digital level. At GIIS SMART Campus, a range of facilities have been especially designed to make connectivity easier for the parent community.  

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Location mapping & Movement Analytics

The GIIS SMART campus is technologically enabled with location tracking technologies to create value added services such as tracking all students in campus through its Indoor Positioning System which will monitor student movement across the campus.  

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Digital Notice Boards  

In this day and age, the fastest and preferred way of messaging is through digital media. For students at GIIS SMART Campus, this can happen through Mobile apps and in-premise TV screens which can be used to post messages, communicate and connect alongside traditional noticeboards. Its smart, its fast and its efficient! 

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Ultra high speed network infrastructure

GIIS SMART campus has state-of-the-art infrastructure, unrivalled by any other educational institute across the region, which will provide high-speed digital connectivity to our students and teachers. 

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Feel welcome and at home at our Visitors Centre, where staff will be ready to serve all your needs while you lounge in cosy comfort of the SMART Campus.  

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Tasty options in a modern, hygienic and multi-facility cafeteria with a wide variety of options await you at the GIIS SMART Campus! 

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GIIS helpdesk

Need help with any school-related matters? Our active and amiable team is at hand to reply to all your queries.

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I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn
— Albert Einstein

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