GIIS SMART Campus takes student and staff security very seriously and has a stringent policy for compliance. 


facial recognition system

Visitor arrivals will be accompanied by a notification to the hosts, while the system will know who is in the campus all the time.

This comes in handy in the event of an evacuation, as a list will be generated of all visitors on the campus to make sure everyone gets out safely.

A facial recognition system will be in place for the visitors’ as well for safety purposes.


Ensuring the safety & security

The school’s security committee has implemented a visitor management policy which will track and identify our numerous vendors and contractors who visit the school on a regular basis. All visitors must pass by a Security Desk who will issue them with an adhesive name badge and a  BLE/RFID card to access the visitor centre. This serves as a gatekeeper for the campus and its occupants, protects its assets and provides sense of safety for everyone on the premise.  

A central location

A dedicated visitor centre will be provided for all parents and visitors to interact with school teachers and staff at a central location, and returning visitors will have their details stored in the system so they won’t have to go through the security procedure every time they visit.