The GIIS SMART campus has state-of-the-art infrastructure, unrivalled by any other educational institute across the region, which will provide high-speed digital connectivity to our students and teachers. 


campus wide fibre network

The entire campus is wired with an extensive high speed fibre network running into 2.5 kms in length, and powered by an ultra high speed 40GB per second core switch. The high speed LAN is designed to provide 10Gbps CAT6 connectivity to over 6500 wired devices. 

high-speed wireless for 6000 connections

On the other hand, wireless connectivity will have 6000 devices on board through 246 access points, operating at 3.84 Gbps speed. Single cell architecture technology is being used to provide this wireless connectivity which ensures users are never disconnected from the network.  It also provides students with a seamless and uninterrupted audio experience for IP telephony and video conferences. 

capacity for 12,500 wired & wireless

A total 12,500 devices wired and wireless devices will be connected through high-speed connectivity. Students and teachers will get high speed access to internet with 2Gb broadband connections.