A specially designed Radio studio with professional grade production specifications will give hands on exposure to students to create content, record conversations and conduct interviews.

Students would be able to learn content editing and making their own short film documentaries which may form part of project based learning. 
Special rooms will be dedicated to let students produce live shows or interviews which can be shared with other GIIS campuses as well as selectively broadcast on the internet. 

The cloud based radio system will allow students to collaborate with students of other countries and co-produce talk shows, interviews on topics related to their project. 

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“I will definitely recommend GIIS to anyone considering a good Global school”, says Noella, whose son Ved is studying in Class 8.

She is thrilled to see the new radio and TV station at #SMARTCampus and is excited for her child to explore his creativity.

Watch her video here: Parent on SMART Campus Radio Station