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improve public speaking 

At GIIS SMART Campus, speech and drama facility offers student the opportunity to master techniques and skills essential for effective communication while enjoying every minute of learning. 

GIIS has been founded on the concept of providing a rounded education to students which will help in personality development. Two Speech and Drama Studios have been included as part of our GIIS SMART campus to develop our students’ talents through collaboration with teachers as well as the student community.   

enhancing the creative level

Here a student will learn communication, problem-solving and group dynamics skills through the exciting medium of drama tools such as poetry, theatre, mime, puppetry, role-play, masks, story-telling, reading aloud and creative writing, creating an environment that promotes the use of imagination and creativity, and enjoyment of rhythm, sound and language.

prepare to perform

The room designed for multitasking. Loose chairs will help students to do all the activities mentioned above by reorienting it in different fashion. The movable stage has been prospered where student will take the center stage to perform the above activities.    

The studios have audio systems that will support drama rehearsals, role plays, and even help in the preparation of school plays.