Like every other facility, our SMART Campus has given adequate thought and importance to
providing a user- and disabled-friendly SMART restroom facility. 

Smart Restrooms.jpg

smart lighting system

Each restroom cluster on every floor is themed in a different way, inspired by concepts found in nature, as well as named after different continents of the world. 

The restrooms have special sensors to detect strong smell of ammonia and other chemicals within the area and report the data to a central cloud. A person count technology will help determine how many people used the facility, while motion sensors will help run the SMART lighting system, going dim when toilets are not in use.

restroom cleanliness.jpg

measuring restroom cleanliness

The SMART restroom shall collect all data on the cloud which will then be analysed by facility managers (FM) to make course correction as deemed necessary to keep our restrooms clean and hygienic at all times. 

Each toilet will also be facilitated with a ‘satisfaction indicator’, which will enable users to rate the experience through the click of a button and this rating would be used to judge the quality of services imparted by the FM.