HOW DO i connect to the smart campus wi-fi?

The school wi-fi is called “CAMPUS CONNECT”.

To log on to the wi-fi, go to your Phone Settings > Wi-Fi, and make sure wi-fi is turned on. Find the “CAMPUS CONNECT” wi-fi in the list and tap. You will be prompted to enter your MyGIIS username and password. Please type them in. Once your credentials are authenticated, you will be able to start using the internet on your device.

what do i do if My Wi-Fi is not working or I am not able to connect to it?

In case your wi-fi connection does not happen or your wi-fi does not work, please approach

A) your class teacher or

B) proceed to the Student Service Centre (SSC) which is located next to Gandhi centre, on the 2nd floor Visitor's Centre,

They will be able to assist you. If you have forgotten your MyGIIS username or password, please approach your class teacher.

How is the school ensuring that internet browsing is safe and child friendly?

The school has advanced firewall systems in place which will ensure that internet browsing is always safe and secure for the students and only trusted websites can be accessed from within the school premises. School-managed computing devices will also be equipped with anti-virus & anti-spyware software to ensure security of the devices.


what is the purpose of my SMART ID card?  

While the student attendance is conducted with Facial Recognition, the SMART ID card gives the student access to the GIIS Wallet and allows them to do the following:

A) accessing classrooms or pedestrian gates and other authorised areas

B) access lockers

C) pay for purchases in cafeteria, bookshops or

D) pay for photocopier services

E)  borrow books from the library

An RFID chip embedded in the ID card will give you a unique identification number which will serve as a key to everything from helping you operate your personal lockers in the classrooms to making cashless payments. 

Can the SMART ID Card be used in MRTs and public buses?

The SMART ID Card is customised for usage within the SMART Campus and not compatible with other public systems.

What if I forget to bring my SMART ID card to school?

The SMARD ID card is an important device you need to carry everyday. It is advisable that you remember to bring your SMART ID card everyday.

In case, you forget to bring the SMART ID card on a certain day, please approach your class teacher or proceed to the Student Service Centre (SSC) who will be able to assist you for any emergency needs.

will i need to display my SMART ID card at all times?

Yes. Students will need to display their card at all times during the school hours within the school premises. They will be provided with a lanyard to enable them to hang the card around their necks, or display it on their shirt pocket or on belts or skirts. Please ensure that the card is always visible for identification purposes. 

I have lost my SMART ID card. What do I do?

In case a student loses the SMART ID card, they can approach the class teacher or proceed to the Lost & Found office on Level 2 of the Campus to report the loss. In case the card is not found, students will need to purchase a new card at a fee of $20.

my SMART ID card is not working. what do i do?  

Please approach the class teacher or proceed to the Student Service Centre (SSC) on Level 2 to seek assistance on the issue.


HOW will the school be taking student attendance in the smart campus?  

Attendance at the SMART Campus will be done through the Facial Recognition System. A facial recognition device has been installed outside every classroom, studio and laboratory, as well as in every corridor on every floor. Students are expected to scan their face each time they are entering a classroom. 

This system will provide every class teacher with accurate data on their student’s attendance in the school, and the time saved will be used for teaching and learning. 

How many times does a student need to take attendance?

  • The student needs to mark their attendance at the start of the school and the end of the school.

  • During the school hours, if the student visits any other facility, than he/she is required to mark their attendance at the facility.

What if the attendance system does not recognise me?

The Facial Recognition System has been pre-installed with data collected from every student during the facial scanning that was conducted in your school in the last semester.

If a device does not recognise you, please proceed to the Student Service Centre (SSC) who will be able to assist you with your issue.

What if I forget to mark my attendance?

Each classroom has the Facial Recognition Device installed outside the classroom, so it is very easy to remember to mark attendance before entering any classroom. If, for some reason, you forget to mark your attendance on the system, you will be marked absent.

Can parents view the attendance record for their child?

In future, we will be adding a feature to MyGIIS whereby the parents will be able to view their child's attendance via MyGIIS.


will students be provided with lockers?

We will make best efforts to assign a classroom based locker to each student. However some classes may not have sufficient lockers due to limitations of space. In such cases, the students will be offered a locker in the corridor based locker rooms. Despite this, it is quite possible that some students may not be able to get a locker. 

The school has provided for larger lockers (800mm & 1200mm height) in the corridor based locker room, to enable students to store their sports equipments. These lockers will be assigned upon the confirmation by their respective coaches. The students who wish to take these lockers, are requested to. take the consent from their sports coaches and give it to the SSC who will do the necessary allocation.

The SSC will be the single point of contact for all locker allocations. 

What if my card is not able to open the locker?

Please proceed to the Student Service Centre (SSC) who will be able to assist you with your issue.

What if any items in my locker are found to be lost?

Each locker has a unique key code, and it is impossible to break into your locker using another key. However, if there is any theft with your locker, please report the incident to the GIIS HelpDesk (+65 6914 7070 or email to{at} who will assign respective security personnel to investigate the incident.

What if the student wants to store large items such as sports equipment for their ECA/CCAs?

There is a special provision of large lockers at the common locker rooms, in the corridors, where equipments like sports gear, musical instruments or other large items carried by the students for ECA/CCA activities or school events, can be stored. In order to get such lockers issued, students need to take a written consent for a locker from their coaches, who will send an email to the SSC.


what are the school visiting hours?

Visiting hours for the school are 9:00 am - 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday, and 9:00 am to 1:00pm on Saturday.

What do I need to know if I am visiting the school?

Parents/Visitors must report to the guard house for registration before they can be permitted to enter the Visitor's Centre. A valid form of identification such as NRIC, driver’s licence or passport will have to be presented and a photo of the individual may be taken.

Upon registration, visitors are required to proceed to the Visitor's Centre at Level 2 of the 'S' Block. 

Do I need to make a prior appointment before coming to the school?

Parents/Visitors are required to make a prior appointment via email with the concerned teacher/staff member before visiting the school. This is to ensure that they get quick access to the staff. The teachers will meet the parents at the Visitor's Centre.

Where can I park my car?

Visitors can park the car in the Visitor Parking area during the school hours. Parking lots are available on a first come first serve basis. 

Are there any areas which are restricted for visitors?

Parents/Visitors are granted access only to the Level 2 Visitor's Centre and are not permitted to visit any floors/classrooms or any facilities at any other floors. They will only be able to access the restricted areas when they are escorted by an authorised GIIS staff member. b reception area, the nest area, cafeteria and the Grand MultiPurpose Hall. Visitors won’t be allowed near classrooms unless 

What if this School Visitor card is lost or damaged?

If the visitor card is lost or damaged, you must immediately report to the guard house and you may have to pay a fine of $20 for a replacement. 

Where can I drop off or pick up my child?

Drop off and pick up of students and teachers is available within the campus. Parents need to pre-register their cars and enter the campus through Gate 2, drive along the internal road and enter Lane F. All other lanes at the School Bus Interchange are meant for school buses.

During the school hours, the bus interchange is not available for any pick up or drop off activities. The parents are not permitted to enter the campus through Gate 2, between 9:30 am 4:15 pm for any pick up or drop off activities. Parents are requested to park their vehicles at the Visitor Parking which can be accessed through Gate 1. 

The Punggol Field Walk road has a no waiting status and under the law, parents cannot stop any vehicles on this road.

Entry through Gate 2 is strictly prohibited for any unauthorised vehicles and private buses.

Is there Wi-Fi for visitors or parents?

Parents/Visitors need to use their personal mobile data connections. 


What are the library opening hours?

The library is open during school hours. 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Monday to Friday

How do I borrow books from the library and how many books am i allowed to borrow?

Students can borrow books using the self-borrowing kiosks provided in the library. Simply place the books on the machine, follow the instructions on the screen and tap the SMART ID card upon prompting. In case of difficulties, students may approach the teacher or librarian for assistance.

Students can borrow up to 4 books at a time. 

How can I check if a book is available in the library and how do i reserve?

To check availability of books, students can use one of the browsing stations to view the full catalogue.

Reserving a book is possible through proper procedures put in place by the library team. Please approach your librarian for assistance.

How do I return my books and Can I return a book borrowed from a secondary library in  primary library?

Returning books is a simple process. Students can return books by dropping them at the SMART Bin (Coming Soon) outside the libraries. Those who face glitches may approach their teacher or the librarian for assistance.

Students are recommended to return the books to the respective libraries from where they have issued the books. 

Can I return my books on weekends or holidays?

Students can drop their books in the SMART Bin (Coming Soon) outside the libraries at any time of the working day, or during working hours of the weekends such as Saturday morning. Access to the Campus is restricted after school hours or on holidays, so students are advised not to do so during those times.  

how can I borrow a book if i have forgotten my SMART ID Card?

Students who may have forgotten to bring their SMART ID card should seek assistance from the librarian.

My SMART ID Card is not working. How can I borrow a book?

Students who experience glitches in their card are requested to approach the librarian for assistance. They will also have to register the faulty card with the Students' Service Centre on Level 2.


How can I purchase my food?

The SMART Campus has three dedicated cafeterias for students on Level 2, 3 and 4. The Level 2 cafeteria is a Grab-n-Go counter which will sell food to students and visitors and parents, while cafes on Level 3 and 4 are dedicated to students requirements.

Students can order food using Food Kiosks from within the Campus. The kiosks will provide the option of selecting the food order from available options of Asian, Chinese, Continental food. Students can use their ID cards to make payments, and can opt for a printed receipt by clicking on the option. 

The kiosks will also provide students an option of selecting the time of the delivery during the day. For example ‘short recess’ or ‘long recess’ options can provide the vendor details on when you food will be made available. Students can proceed to collect the food at the cafeteria during that stipulated hour.  They can simply tap their ID card at the counter to retrieve their order, and cafeteria staff will assist them with the rest.

When can I order my food?

Students can place their order at any time of the day at the food kiosks provided in the corridors, or order it in advance at the web portal, or proceed to order at the servery counter.

How do I top up my SMART ID card?

Topping up the student SMART ID card is a simple process. Students can use the top up kiosks available in the cafeteria. Parents can also top up online by visiting, and logging in by using a user id and password specifically generated for this purpose.  

What are the supported modes of payment for purchasing food?

GIIS is in the process of transitioning to a cashless payment system to make it easier for students to pay for food. Once the system is in place, students will only be able to pay for their food using their SMART ID cards. Until such time that the system is in place, the cafeteria counters will be accepting cash.

what do I do if i do not have enough funds in my card?

You can top up your card at one of the top-up kiosks at the cafeteria or top up through PayPal.

I think that the correct amount of money was not deducted from my card while paying for the food. What do I do?

Please proceed to the Student Service Centre (SSC) who will be able to assist you with your issue. Please bring along your printed receipt of the order.

How can a student collect food that was pre-ordered by the parent?

Students whose food has been pre-ordered by their parents will need to proceed to the cafeteria counter and tap his/her SMART ID card to collect the food. The cafeteria staff will retrieve the student's order for the day.

Can I get a report on what my child is eating throughout the day?

Yes. Parents can use the portal at to get a detailed report on their child’s food and drinks purchases at the school cafeteria. The report will contain details of only those foods and drinks which were purchased by the school issued SMART ID card.

Can I pre-order food for my child?

Yes. You can use the portal at to preorder the students' meals for the entire term.

Can I CHANge OR cancel the pre-order? 

Yes. Parents can modify or cancel a pre-order with an advanced notice of at least one day. 

Can I place a take-out order?

Food items ordered via the school cafeteria must be consumed in the cafeteria.


What if my child has allergies?

Parents can enter the child's allergies while ordering food, and the cafeteria will keep them on record. Once the allergies are entered on system, the child will not be able to purchase food items that contain those allergens.


Is there a printing, scanning or copying facility for students?

The photocopiers are fitted with SMART ID card readers. Students will be able to on a paid basis, print, scan and make copies of documents via the Student Printing Services on the photocopiers available in the school library and selected learning commons. The photocopiers will read and deduct the amounts from the student's SMART ID card wallet.

What is the procedure?

Students will be able to send a print job from their iPads or Macbooks to the copying machine via the Student Printing Services.

The second step is to approach the printers dedicated to students, tap the personal SMART ID card and retrieve the print job. They will have to acknowledge the payment amount and print.

Alternatively, they can also approach one of the student printers with their external USB drive that contains the documents to be printed, tap their ID card, acknowledge the payment amount and print.

What should I do if there are errors?

For errors experienced during printing, scanning or photocopying with the machine, please seek help from the class teacher or librarian. Students can also proceed to the Student Service Centre to report the issue.

Are there ANY charges?

Yes, there will be reasonable charges applicable for any print jobs executed by students and such charges can be debited to the GIIS Wallet using the SMART ID cards.


What are the security measures taken by school?

There are as many as 600 CCTV cameras in operation across the SMART Campus. The premises have been fitted with access control systems at its various entrance and exit points, as well as near or outside all doors within the campus. This is to ensure that only authorised personnel  will be able to enter certain areas of the school and only at certain time of the day. 

If any suspicious activity is detected in any of the areas by the CCTV cameras, a notification will be sent to the School Security Team which is in the premises 24X7.

Is photography permitted in the school premises for visitors or parents?

Photography of the school is permitted provided photographs of GIIS students are not taken. GIIS takes privacy and security of our students very seriously. If a visitor or parent is caught taking photographs of students (other than those of their own child), the school security may approach him/her to delete the photograph. This excludes photographs taken during special events such as Sports Days or Annual Days, which is permitted.

how can students enter and exit the campus?

Students taking the school bus will be dropped inside the campus in the Bus Bay area from where they will be directed to their entry and exit points. The students will be able to use escalators or lift to their classroom floors. For students walking to campus, four entry and exit points in the front and back sides will be available. The turnstile-fitted gates will have controlled access through a student’s SMART ID card.

Students who do not take the school transport, will have to be dropped off outside the campus gate - away from the no-stopping, no-waiting zone. They can then walk to school.  

Is Photography permitted in school premises for students?

Students may be able to take photographs in school premises using their personal or school issued  devices if permitted by their teacher for school work purposes.


What do I do if my belongings are stolen within the premises?

Students need to approach their class teacher or proceed to the Lost & Found Office to seek assistance in case of lost or stolen belongings. 


You can reach the security at +65 6914 7090 or email to{at}


Coming soon

are there any collaborative spaces available in the SMART CAMPUS?

GIIS SMART Campus has lots of different types of spaces for collaboration. Students will have access to Open Classrooms, The Student Lounge, the school Libraries and Student Innovation Rooms (SIR). Spaces in the Open Classrooms, Student Lounges and Libraries are available on a first-come first-served basis, while the SIR need to be pre-booked.

what is an sIr and How do I book it? 

Student Innovation Rooms (SIR) are small meeting rooms (4-6 pax) for students to work on their project or assemble for group discussions. These meeting rooms are equipped with a television set and an HDMI cable to enable students to connect their personal devices to the big screen during group presentations. Students can book these rooms using the room booking app or via website at They can log in using their MyGIIS username and password.

is advance booking facility available for sgr & what is the duration of each booking?

Students can book SIRs up to 4 weeks in advance.

The SIR can be booked for a maximum of 60 mins at one time. Students will be able to extend the booking by 15 minutes before the end of the meeting, if the room is still available for use.

Can I cancel or change my booking?

Yes. Cancellation or changing of booking schedule is allowed before the meeting commences. Both the procedures can be conducted via the Condeco website or app.  

When are SIR rooms available for booking?

SIR rooms are available during school office hours (9:00 am to 5:30 pm) Monday to Friday and (9:00 am to 1:00 pm) on Saturday.


I am not able to login to the Condeco app or website. What do I do?

Students can approach the class teacher or proceed to the Student Service Centre (SSC) for assistance.


What is Toilet Feedback System?

Toilets in the SMART Campus will be equipped with a Toilet Feedback System. The system aims to provide valuable feedback to the GIIS facilities team about the condition of the school toilets so that they may take appropriate remedial action. This is part of a new initiative by GIIS to keep its toilets clean at all times.

How can I leave my feedback?

Students will be able to leave their feedback on the toilet facilities through a tablet placed at the entrance. Students may give a rating for the toilet’s cleanliness or provide specific feedback about its facilities such as ‘flush not working’ or ‘tap not working’, etc.

Students will need to tap their SMART ID card on the tablet to submit the feedback. 

What happens when I submit my feedback?

When feedback is submitted by any student, the school facilities team will be notified of the issue and its location. The team will be able to dispatch a cleaner to physically inspect the issue and resolve it.

Once resolved, the cleaner will acknowledge the resolution of the issue by tapping his/her card on the same system and marking the issue as resolved.

Will I be notified about the resolution status of my feedback?

At this point, students will not be notified of the resolution of the issue.

However, the school management will be monitoring all feedbacks carefully and will hold the facilities team accountable for its resolutions.


What is the purpose of the Radio station? [coming soon]

The radio studio is a training ground for students to learn about how the world of radio broadcasting works. The GIIS SMART CAMPUS Radio Station will feature state of the art audio broadcasting equipment and will be operated by students with guidance from a professional. The students will be able to use this platform to not only learn about radio technology, but also practice their oratory skills, which is part of GIIS's award winning 9 GEMS framework of education.

Will the programmes be broadcast online?

Yes. All student-initiated programmes will be available on GIIS's new broadcast content website, which is coming soon.

What kind of shows will be run in the Radio STATION?

The radio station will have all kinds of programmes like news transmissions, school events, VIP interviews etc.

What is the purpose of the TV Studio? 

The TV Studio is a training ground for students to learn about how the world of television and video broadcasting works. The SMART Campus TV Studio will feature state of the art video capture and broadcasting equipment, and will be operated by students with guidance from a professional. The students will be able to use this platform to not only learn about video broadcasting technology, but also practice their oratory and presentation skills.

What kind of shows will be run in the TV Studio? 

The TV studio will operate all kinds of programmes such as news, VIP interviews, campus events etc.


Will there be power points in the classroom for charging?

Yes. There will be an SOB powerpoint on each classroom desks for students of Grades 9-12 for charging their devices.


What is the Digital Signage System?

The GIIS SMART Campus Digital Signage System consists of an array of over 100 TVs placed in various locations within the campus such as in corridors, common areas and lobbies. The TVs will display informational content that may be relevant to students such as news, photos & videos from latest school events, information about upcoming events, live broadcast feeds of current ongoing events, important announcements, food menu for the day, etc.

Who will be controlling the content shown on the Digital Signage System?

The Digital Signage System will be controlled and monitored by the school administrative team.


What is the classroom equipped with? 

Each classroom is equipped with a pair of interactive 4K TVs, an Apple TV and audio-visual equipment such as speakers, amplifiers, handheld & gooseneck microphones and a document camera. All equipment in the classroom is controlled using a central control panel which can only be activated by the teacher’s access card. The teacher will be primarily using the interactive TVs as a smart digital whiteboard or as a display for wirelessly mirroring their iPad or laptop to show educational content and presentations to the students. The teacher will also be able to share the student’s work to the TV wirelessly via the Apple TV. The teacher also has access to microphones to enhance his/her voice in the classroom if the students are not able to hear him/her.

Can students use the interactive TV?

No. The interactive TV and all classroom equipment will be locked at all times unless a teacher unlocks it using his/her access card. The students will be able to use the equipment under supervision of the teacher during class hours.


What do you mean by Sports Analytics? 

GIIS SMART Campus will be one of the first schools in the world to incorporate SPEDAS technology for tracking player movements during indoor sports such as Basketball.

The system consists of multiple high accuracy sensors placed around the basketball court that track player movement in real time throughout the game with the help of a small tracker worn by the player. This will provide the coach with:

  • detailed statistics of individual player performance

  • team performance

  • tactics & strategy

This allows the coach to make better informed decisions and provide a more smarter training regimen. Students will be able to better understand their weaknesses during their game and improve their play.