In GIIS SMART Campus, we have transformed the idea of a conventional science lab with latest facilities in modern spaces


Biology, Physics and Chemistry Labs 

Built with design ideas given by leading architects from UK and with inputs from our teachers, the labs integrate best practices in science education with practical methodology. With a capacity to hold over 35-40 students at a time, the labs will have a teacher’s station, multiple workgroup stations for students, and TV screens within the facility to enable teachers to display their lecture slides.

Unique furniture

Each laboratory has custom-designed furniture to suit the essence of the facility within the premise. For example, the furniture in the Physics Lab are shaped like electrons and protons linked to each other. For the Chemistry lab, this shapes change to hexagonal or octagonal creations which reflect elements on the periodic table attached to each other. The Phenolic table in the Biology lab mirrors the shape of a butterfly shape. Each lab will also have a unique vibrant colour scheme to give them their own unique identity. 

For safety and cleanliness purposes, every lab has an emergency shower and basin facility near student workstations.