Running a large campus with more than 3500 students is a huge responsibility which comes with its own set of challenges. 
GIIS SMART campus ensures that its facilities provide adequate safety and security, in every possible way, to the students and staff in their care. 


Biometric access controls with facial recognition

Extensive planning has gone into putting safety and security apparatus in place, the outcome of which is a combination of access control system, monitoring of student movement and CCTV camera systems with crowd management analytics. 

Turnstiles for secured entry/exit

In addition to the 24x7 security guards present at the campus gates to regulate the flow of entrants, every entry and exit point within the campus is controlled through tech-savvy systems like biometrics-operated turnstiles gates, etc.

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Full campus SURVEILLANCE with CCTV

More than 600 CCTV cameras, deployed across the campus, will monitor in-campus movements round the clock through technology using artificial intelligence programmed to deliver instant communication in the event of security concerns.

More than 300 access control points are placed around the campus with more than 150 facial recognition systems in place for internal access. CCTV cameras within the classrooms will also provide an added layer of safety to students and their belongings.  

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“GIIS has a comprehensive safety and security policy to address all types of events - from emergencies like terrorism to natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis”
— Lt General Sudhir Sharma, (Retd)