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Students are the centre of the GIIS Universe, but the community also plays an equal part in completing that picture.

Interaction and integration with the community we live in, is one of the core principles of GIIS which will continue this tradition at GIIS SMART Campus through various initiatives and programmes to connect with the Singapore community, as well as embrace greater, globally recognised values to live up to our social responsibility.



The Gandhi Museum at GIIS SMART Campus is a tribute to the Father of Indian nation, and his contribution to the country’s freedom struggle and to humanity in particular. 

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We at GIIS will ensure overall development of our teachers and staff as we do of our students. After all charity begins at home.

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A great compliment GIIS once received was from the member of parliament of Siglap constituency who called us a ‘local’ International school. It was an acknowledgement of the umpteen initiatives undertaken by GIIS over the years, to connect to local communities and blend with the Singaporean way of life. At GIIS SMART Campus, we will continue to uphold these values with esteem.

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Named after Mr Chandrakant Borde, President and Co-Founder, Global Schools Foundation and former captain of the Indian National Cricket team, CBGCA is an initiative as part of GIIS' pedagogical approach towards holistic education.

Under the Chandu Borde Global Cricket Academy (CBGCA), talented students are chosen for personal grooming by experts, to hone their talents and give them a chance to excel in the sport and shine at higher levels.  

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Humans have incredible intelligence and potential. Warm-heartedness and altruism are equally important. Efforts should be put in combining the two.
— THE DALAI LAMA to students of GIIS (2009)

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