Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Innovative ‘disruptors’ have completely transformed how we live: from ordering food to hailing a cab. 

At our Global Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, we help students develop the business acumen, entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking that can help them become the disruptors of tomorrow.

And, hopefully, spark a flame that will light a new way forward for humanity.



Virtual Classroom

Virtual reality allows our students to:

- Attend the classes of leading educators around the world

- Learn alongside students from different countries and gain new perspectives on their lessons 

- Understand subjects better in immersive virtual environments

These virtual sessions can also recorded for easy reference before exams. 


Professional-grade Sports Analytics

We are the first international school with SPEDAS, a system used by the likes of the LA Lakers. It tracks our student athletes’ performances, generating invaluable data that help us develop winning strategies for both training and game day.


Conducive Green Environment

Studies show that students learn more effectively when they’re close to nature. This is why our campus is designed blur the lines between its surrounding greenery and the classroom environment. 

Large glass panels let in abundant natural sunlight; optimised air flow brings a constant supply of fresh air; open areas, natural building materials and a beautiful landscaped garden all combine to form ideal spaces for learning.


Security and Peace of Mind

Safety is rarely a concern in Singapore. But we still have top-of-the-line security tech on campus so our students can focus on learning with without any worries. These include:

- 600+ CCTV cameras

- Facial recognition

- Biometrics-operated entry/exit

- A.I. to assist security personnel in scanning for suspicious activity

- Contingencies for any eventuality – from terrorism to earthquakes