3.5 hectares land, 33,000 sqm gross floor area, more than 3500 students and an additional number of teachers, staff and visitors. And yet, GIIS SMART Campus will be able to locate each and every individual through smart technology. 

When a campus is as huge, and caters to as many people, as GIIS SMART Campus, it is imperative to have a technical and logistical support to handle the responsibility on a daily basis.

Keeping this in mind, our campus has put in place motion sensors, tracking technology and data analytics to create value added services.

An Indoor Positioning System will monitor student movement around the premise, and the data gathered can help teachers focus on areas on added interests to the student community.

The IPS system will also assist in location and visualisation of school transportation, identifying their position and guiding students to the right docking stations of their respective buses.

The entire system is an additional layer of safety and security for everyone on the campus, as motion sensors and heat-mapping will determine locations of identified people, and provide an alert in case of unidentified bodies. In such a scenario, emergency alerts will be generated to locate the foreign body, and steps will be taken to initiate appropriate measures.

On a lighter note, IPS will also enable a person or friend finder system, which can be used to locate friends and family members in the campus.


Indoor mapping

The GIIS SMART campus is technologically enabled with location tracking technologies to create value added services track all students in campus through its Indoor Positioning System which will monitor student movement across the campus.  The data gathered can help the teachers in deciding new programs, and focus on areas that have more student interests. 

friend-finder & Sos

Some of the benefits that the new area will create are : 

  • Student Asset tracking

  • Person / Friend finder with SOS module

  • Indoor student movement

  • Safety Surveillance

Geo-Fencing & Heatmaps

  • Geo-fence and Emergency Alerts

  • School Bus Tracking

  • Location visualisations and movements map

  • Crowd Heatmaps