Lecture Halls at the GIIS SMART Campus is a facility as huge as those found in colleges or universities, where a large group can be addressed. Designed on recommendations from our teachers, the hall has a capacity of accommodating over 100 students, unlike a traditional classroom which can accommodate much less. 


The hall is designed in such a way that students' attention remains focused on the lecturer at all times, while the lecturers in turn have a full view of the students.

Lecturers can use this lecture theatre facility to address multiple classes at the same time, or for external speaking programmes, or for interaction with various industry players, or for students to make group presentations.

It can also be used for addressing parents for various parent-specific interactions. 



The students can also join LIVE video conferencing with speakers based out of other countries and at time specialised teachers who assist students in exam preparations. Overseas students can join the video conferencing sessions.

step/gradient seating 

Gradient seating makes it easy for students in the rear of the room to have a clear view of the lecturer.  

superior acoustics 

Acoustics of international standards have been used and special care has been  accorded to isolation of noise. 

Lecturers use microphones, connected to high quality sound systems including  ceiling-mounted speakers, ensure that sound is uniformly across all corners of the hall.  


The lecture theatre student seating are designed to allow ample worktop space to students to keep a IPAD tablet and their notes at same time.