Parents & Students regularly require services, may have requests which need attended to, or bring the school’s attention to matters of importance. They expect to be treated as valuable customers and for them quality of customer service is of paramount importance. 


single point of contact for all support services

Parents can now reach out to a integrated GIIS Singapore Helpdesk via MyGIIS or call +65-6914 7070, and register their request. The GIIS Help desk provides for detailed FAQs and chatbots that will guide the student or parent through their queries/requests. Unresolved matters will allow the student or parent to raise a ticket online. 

GIIS Helpdesk.jpg

flexible query answering system

Each request submission will raise a ticket in the system and will alert relevant executives, while an acknowledgement will be sent to parents. Request for assistance may be submitted online via MyGIIS, and rest assured that these will be responded within 48 hours by respective officers. 


Proactive Interventions

The GIIS Helpdesk will attend to every single query and need of the student and parent, be it new requests, or service change requests, or feedback, or fee matters, or transport matters, or any administrative matters.  For all academic matters, parents and students should continue to use the MyGIIS parent / student ERP platform and not use the Helpdesk. 

The ticket will close only after the concern is solved satisfactorily and the parent or student shall be notified of the closure.