are there any restricted zones students should be aware of? 

Students will be able to access their classroom floors and cafeteria floors. They will be guided to laboratories by their class teachers. Apart from these areas, all other areas are restricted zones. Students are not allowed to loiter around the Campus during and after school hours. 

IS there a student service centre?

The student service centre is on Level 2 near the Gandhi Centre. It will be able to attend to all student-related queries.

Where should CBSE 12 & IB YR2 students assemble when they report on June 25?

The students will assemble in Level 2 multipurpose hall, just off the nest area for the morning assembly. Teachers will be able to guide the students to the hall after they arrive. 

is the canteen facility available for students? 

The canteen facilities will be available in the SMART Campus after NEA approvals are in place which should happen soon. Students can bring their own food, or arrangements will be made for them, in the meanwhile. 

will there be a guided tour conducted for CBSE12/IBYR2 students on the first day to familiarise them with the facilities?

There will be no guided tours for CBSE12 and IB YR2 students.

will the SCIENCE labs be operational in the first week?

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will there be drinking water available? where?

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