Equipped with an in-campus transport system, GIIS Punggol will have dedicated arrival and departure areas for school buses to be accessed by students and teachers. 



The entire facility shall be managed through a new GIIS transport app and students would be able to find out the location of their buses through 190+ digital signage systems across the campus. 

The on-campus digital screens will direct students to their designated buses in dedicated zones. 

A public announcement system will be in place for the entire campus, with announcements feature for the parking areas. 


huge parking Space

The campus is designed for 200+ buses or 500 cars to be parked within the campus, as many as 18 (eighteen) buses will be allowed to simultaneously disembark at a time at the covered parking area. 

traffic light system

An internal traffic light system will ensure safe and smooth student crossing across zebra lanes and control movement of buses during arrival and departure timings. 

A new connector is being constructed from nearby school location that will join the KPE expressway making it easier for school bus transport to access the expressway within 2 traffic lights and will reduce travel time by over 10 mins.