Digital notice boards or digital Signage, is made up of a variety of technologies used to replace traditional print and other media in a visually dynamic form. The effect of the visually appealing display gives campus the opportunity to improve their students’ educational outcomes, allows students to visually interact with other fellow students, engage with the campus initiatives, and remain updated with latest achievements and accolades.



Teachers can utilise effective digital signage to promote their specific initiatives and for targeted messaging on 9GEMS activities, upcoming campus events etc., and also attract potential students to these initiatives.

The Digital Messaging allows teachers to quickly test and iterate their school activities strategy and tactics. Because they can put up and take down different messages at the click of a button, it can be extremely effective in testing which promotional messages work best. Over time, this helps in fine tuning the digital marketing strategy accordingly.


Teachers can run relevant messages depending on the time of day or day of the week. Snack break ads, Lunch break ads, school event day promotions, etc, all can be programmed and shown to make it more meaningful content.

Some light music can be added to the student's digital messaging experience and when these powerful channels are integrated, a campus can efficiently deliver their message in visually and audibly to the students in a timely manner.

Digital messaging

Video is far more engaging than stills. Digital signage lets you leverage the video and hypnotising power of video to snag and hold student’s attention. Even simple animations like pause and zoom effects on still artwork provide a more engaging viewer experience.

Student and teachers Training and Skills Management - Digital Signage is also helpful to display student training videos, health & safety and other educational messages before and after school hours and during the breaks.

In age of digital messaging, while the noticeboards continue to exist, digital messaging will overtake in speed and quality, offering a more efficient way of communicating to the students not just through in-premise TV screens but also through their student Mobile App.