Digital technology has made the learning process easier for students by easing the load in their backpacks with fewer physical books. 

GIIS SMART Campus has added another dimension to making the backpacks lighter, by introducing safe and secure storage facilities within the campus 


attractive and functional lockers

Over 6000 lockers, big and small, have been made available to every student on the SMART Campus, which will be operable electronically with SMART student ID cards. 

The colourful lockers, specially designed by in-house GIIS architect teams, will have electromagnetic locking system which will be activated only through biometric readers. In most cases, SMART student IDs would be used for access. 

Students can use bigger lockers to store sports gears like cricket bats, or musical instruments like guitars. Smaller lockers can be used to keep textbooks, notebooks and other personal belongings.


smart locker control system

The SMART lockers will be centrally managed through the MyGIIS system, and a technical team will be at hand to assist students through locker-related issues.  

In case students forget to bring their Student ID cards and need to get the lockers opened, they can approach the class teacher who would be authorised to open these particular lockers using their authorised ID cards. 

A very little key will open a very heavy door
— Charles Dickens