Effective learning in science and technology is possible when there are tools for contemporary education. 

Our digitally powered classrooms are designed to keep both aspects in mind while providing easy collaboration between teachers and students.

For effective learning, teachers will have access to two customised 65’’ TV screens in each classroom, that will enable them to stream videos, display their class work and even airdrop personal documents, at the touch of a finger. These two TVs also double up as touchscreen SMART boards, alongside the two traditional whiteboards present in class. 

Special attention has been given to classroom acoustics and sound management.

Each classroom has been provided with teacher microphones and supported by the latest audio system to ensure students hear crystal clear sound across the entire classroom, regardless of their seating position.

Teachers and students would be able to leverage their tablets/iPads for collaborative digital learning experience while projecting their displays on the two touchscreen SMARTboards.