Apart from academic achievements, acquisition of skills play a major role in 21st century learning. Our GIIS SMART campus has a number of skills-based labs which will provide students appropriate training to get a well-rounded education. 

creating experiences

Culinary labs are one such means to do so. Designed by leading architects from UK with inputs from our teachers, the labs integrate best practices in culinary education with practical methodology. With a capacity to hold over 35 students at a time, the labs will have a chef station, multiple workgroup stations for students, two video cameras to capture the chef’s cooking methods from a close angle and display them on a large TV screen placed within the lab. This will make it convenient for every student to see the cooking in minutest detail.

latest cookingware

The culinary lab is fitted with gas-based and induction-based cooking stations while microwave ovens will support baking specific cooking. They will be conveniently located near the cafeteria or kitchen area which will allow chefs to take students on study tours of large scale food production next door.

learning the art of mouth-watering cuisines

Chefs would be able to train on same food produced for student consumption in addition to other delicacies that students would be interested in learning to cook.

Students can also share their cooked food with their friends in the nearby cafeteria. 

Culinary shots to use.jpg