A.  Overview

Condeco is a Room Booking App that allows users to book the available rooms/resources on the move. The Condeco mobile apps lets users book, amend and cancel meeting room bookings anywhere, anytime – the easiest way to increase meeting room usage.

B.  Getting Started

In your browser, type gsf.onelogin.com, this takes user to the below screen and then click Condeco.


C. Profile

Click Profile to update the same with necessary details.


Click Save, this takes the user to the Quick Room Search Screen

D. room booking

Click Profile to update the same with necessary details.


Enter Date, time Type of Room, Number of Attendees and Click Search


Click Book against the available rooms


This Shows the booking form, the Booking can be given a title. Fill in the details and Click Book and Close.


Mail is received of the booking confirmation.

E. Your booking


Click Your Bookings to View the same, Click Edit to amend it if required


Click Update Booking to confirm

F.  Booking Grid

Once a booking is created the booking appears in the booking grid. The block of colour will vary depend on the meeting type selected in the booking form.