GIIS is the only international school in Singapore which has,  over the past 15 years, developed deep rooted connections with the local community. Students have connected with community members on individual and group levels - to develop a better understanding of inter-religious customs, aiding community integration by participating in festivals and celebrations, and making new friends on the whole.

This brings about a landmark positive change in their understanding and outlook towards people of other nationalities, races & religions. 


engaging with the local community

GIIS has consistently made efforts to fully integrate with the local community, so much so, that we have been recognised and appreciated by community and state leaders labeled as “ a local international” school. 

On many an occasion, GIIS has opened its campus facilities during non-school hours for community events by non profit associations, welfare organisations, and other community led initiatives. 


In 2011, the Ministry of Education published a handbook on National Integration, in which GIIS was prominently featured as one of the case studies of how students were engaged in a national integration program. For over 6 years, the Singapore National Integration Council (NIC) appointed GIIS representatives to a Subgroup of Schools, to foster National Integration in Singapore across youth communities. The committee were represented by only one other school apart from heads of 4 Singapore universities. 

GIIS is also a frontrunner in promoting community integration thereby working on the larger goal of national integration. 

helping the less privileged  

Under our assistance programme for children left behind, Global Indian International School generously donated $250,000 SGD to associations like Singapore Indian Development Association (SINDA) to support Indian students' educational pursuits in Singapore. 


All of us have to develop responsibility towards mankind in order to find beneficial avenues that can lead to the prosperity and happiness of everybody.