Want to borrow a book from the library? Or maybe order a sumptuous meal at the cafeteria? Or buy stationary from the book store? At the GIIS SMART campus, this is possible with a mere beep of a card.

Cashless payment technology will be available to students as well as parents and teachers at the new campus, in keeping with our aim to give each one a personalised experience through technology. 


Students and teachers will be able to avail the services through their RFID access cards to buy merchandise, pay bills and make use of facilities.

Students on field trips will be able to pay fares using this method, while parents will have the option of making digital payments to the school using this method.

Once the card runs out of cash, a top-up option is available. Topping up will be done through our servers, where the new amount will be registered, which eliminates the fear of losing money in case of loss of the card itself.