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As core participants in the learning process, teachers at our GIIS SMART campus will not be left behind in using technology to engage students in the learning process. At the same time, students would be having presentation ready classrooms where they can showcase their projects. 

Each teacher will be equipped with a iPad, and a personalised collar mike while teaching in class, to help them deliver the best knowledge through interactive and fun communication system. 

Their iPads will control all the internet activities in class, including what is displayed on the students’ devices, what is displayed on the TV screens, and when virtual whiteboards are put to use. 

Their collar mikes will be supported by audio systems on the ceiling that will ensure that sound is evenly distributed across the classroom for the benefit of every student. 

It will also give teachers the flexibility to walk around in the classroom unhindered. If need be they can even use the cordless mike provided in the classrooms to enable students to hear them loud and clear.