The Global Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (GCIE) has been specifically set up to nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation in students challenging them to think out of the box and spark their creativity.


Hands-on Learning

Our GCIE center will be a perfect space for our students to think out of the box, challenge their own capabilities, brainstorm and come up with new solutions to old problems. It is also a space to learn, invent and apply their inherent and acquired skills to discover new things and improve on the existing ones. 



The GCIE has been conducting regular Entrepreneurship Bootcamps for students aged 12 to 18 years. Here, our learners are at the epi-center of the GIIS SMART campus, which provides a platform to recognise and reinforce student development.  

The Bootcamp provide students ample training to be young entrepreneurs from the conception stage, to pitching ideas to potential investors. Students involved in these camps have grown confident and learned the value of thinking outside the box.