Holistic Personality with 9GEMS

The school is driven in providing a vibrant learning environment for the children to walk into each day. The teachers are passionate, patient and encourage students to explore their interests
— Shriya Narula & Rajiv Narula, parent of Karan and Riya, GIIS East Coast Campus
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Our award-winning and well-renowned 9GEMS framework is carefully weaved into the GIIS SMART Campus ecosystem to enhance the learning experiences of the students. Each design, each feature and each facility has been carefully orchestrated to provide the maximum leverage to our pedagogical approach of balancing academia with extracurricular activities and universal values to shape our students into well-rounded and responsible citizens of the future. 

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ROCK CLIMBING Adventure Sports

The MPH (C) is also located on top floor of Primary wing. It provides for covered indoor games such as Table Tennis, Karate, Taekwondo, and Rock Climbing.  

Learn more: Adventure Sports (MPH)

Student Radio Station

Giving students an edge through tools and training, is the idea behind the Student Radio Station at GIIS SMART Campus.  

Learn more: Radio Station

Speech and Drama Studio

Young children have an ability for unabashed self expression, and when it is honed well, it can help in his/her complete development. In GIIS SMART Campus, our Speech and Drama Studio will be a space for self-expression - part of our holistic aim to develop the students personality through Visual and Performing Arts - one of our 9GEMS framework!

Learn more: Speech & Drama


Global Language Lab

A laboratory just to enable learning of languages! That’s what the GIIS SMART Campus will facilitate as part of its pedagogy, to arm its students with additional skills to maneuver the digitised world.

Learn more: Language Lab

Culinary Lab

A dedicated kitchen, hands-on cooking experience and modern cuisine will be the hallmarks of our culinary lab at the GIIS SMART Campus where the art of creative cooking will be taught to students in a safe environment.

Learn more: Culinary Lab

ceramics & pottery Labs

Pottery as an art form is engaging and therapeutic. For GIIS, it is another way to engage our student community and add to their overall development.

Learn more: Ceramics & Pottery Lab


Recording Studios

For those with an ear for music, the sound recording studios will be an ideal place to learn a new skill in understanding the backend operations of recording, mixing and playing music. We have over six of them at the GIIS SMART Campus.

Learn more: Recording Studio

Design Technology, Maker Labs

Have a creative idea? Give it shape and form at Maker Labs. Give the creator in you a platform to perform, and enhance your skills to make almost anything.

Learn more: Maker Labs

Visual & Graphic Art studio

Learn the art of drawing, painting, photography, making illustrations, typography, book design and other subjects related to the arts at our Vishal and Graphic Art Studio.

Learn more: Graphic Art Studio


Environment Labs

Green is the gateway for GIIS SMART Campus to shoulder its social responsibility. Our Environment Labs are a small step as part of our larger Greener initiatives, aimed at imbibing in students a green thumb for their overall development. 

Learn more: Environment Lab

Student Internet TV

A platform for students at the GIIS SMART Campus to showcase their talents in media and broadcasting. It is part of our Personality Development GEM.

Learn more: Student Internet TV

Reading amid Nature

Academic excellence remains the primary GEM of our award-winning 9GEM framework, and GIIS SMART Campus at Punggol has enhanced the way knowledge is imparted on students. One such initiative is upgrading the libraries within the campus through unique concepts, exceptional indoors and a wide range of choices. 

Learn more: Green Library


Band studios

Along with the other special rooms, GIIS SMART Campus has the band room which is a fully-equipped space for those who would like to have a full band practice or even acoustic jamming sessions.

Learn more: Band Studio

Music studios

‘The Art of Music’ is extremely important in GIIS SMART campus too and we have provided two separate dance studios for Primary and Secondary students.

Learn more: Music Studio


Dance studios

Dance Studios, for students at the GIIS SMART Campus, will be a place where they will get the opportunity to learn and rehearse this art form.  is a space in which dancers learn or rehearse. Our studios will be made of smooth floors and shock absorbing hardwood floor, where students can learn both traditional and modern dance forms.

Learn more: Dance Studio


Performing arts Auditorium

A seating for 700 people, 5 permanent cameras in five different angles, a 50 feet, wall-to-wall LED screen, approximately 15 feet in height, and a video-conferencing facility are just some of the features of the Multi-Purpose Hall (A) at GIIS SMART Campus, which is comparable to any state-of-the-art performing theatres in Singapore. 

Learn more: Performance Auditorium


Multi-purpose hall

The MPH (B) is located on top floor of Primary wing. It provides for a training basketball court for the primary students, as many as two badminton courts and a netball court. Primary students can use the MPH for other school events such as assemblies and/or team games.

Learn more: MPH


Lecture hall

To imbibe Universal Values through talks and lectures by renowned personalities in different sectors. One such facility is the Lecture Hall having the capacity and the design value to ensure students get maximum leverage from talks.

Learn more: Lecture Hall


Science Labs

In GIIS SMART campus we have change the idea of conventional science lab.
Designed ideas given by leading architects from UK with inputs from our teachers, the labs integrate best practices in science education with practical methodology.

Learn more: Science Lab


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